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Volcano Base

The Villarrica volcano is one of the volcanoes with the highest record historical eruptions of South America. It is located SE and NE Lakes Villarrica and Calafquén, respectively, and their almost perfect conical shape allows to recognize it from the distance. Corresponds to a stratovolcano located in the western end of a prominent volcanic chain of NO-SE direction, which lines the Villarrica volcanoes, Quetrupillán and Lanín. At its feet are populated centers with important tourist activity, where the city stands out of Pucón, of 23,000 inhabitants (CENSO INE 2002, located only 15 km from its top). If you want to try to make a summit in Villarrica, but not you dare here I have a second option for you, it’s about to go to the Villarrica volcano but get to the feet of this same one will be a unique experience, since literally you will be at the base of the most active volcano in Chile will not be necessary to do the strenuous trekking to know the volcano from the same place.


  • Accident insurance
  • Transport round trip
  • Equipment (clothe, shoes)
  • guide
  • National Park Entrance


  • Comfortable and warm clothes
  • Sunglasses UV3, suncream, lip balm cap (from the sun) and cap (to keep warm)
  • Lunch and Water : food, sandwiches, energy bar and 2L of water



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